Stella And I (2)


Tragedy struck the following morning, I was going to class with one of my roommates who was in the same class with me. We saw Stella coming towards our direction, immediately she saw us, she switched lanes. Stella passed us without any pleasantries. To say I was shocked would tantamount to putting it mildly. I didn’t know when I asked my roommate: Guy, no be Stella be that? My roommate confirmed it was Stella. I needed to be sure my eyes were not seeing double. Before I could recover from that shock, I confessed to my roommate what went down the preceding evening. The way my roommate laughed at me, I have never seen anyone laugh like that before.

How could Stella pass me without saying anything to me and I was so expectant based on guy wey try yesterday evening. No greetings whatsoever, she passed like she doesn’t know me. The way I was looking at her direction to be beckoned with a greeting contributed to the disgrace. Stella fall my hand. My shame ended that day, I decided to let it slide. Never to confront her about it. I still felt it was the thrill of the chase.

One day I went to visit Stella, I met her door ajar, I entered but she wasn’t there, so I waited. Stella came in with a towel tied around her torso. She greeted me and left pronto. The next thing, I saw Stella collecting a cream from her next door neighbor which simply denotes that she doesn’t have her own. When she entered, I asked her what cream she uses, she said “beauty fair’.

After my lectures the subsequent day, I went to the market in search of beauty fair cream only to discover that the cream was sold for 500 naira. Then, I went to a nearby supermarket, the price tag was 600 naira. As a sharp igbo boy, I negotiated the price and they agreed to sell it for 500 (market price). So I told the guy I would be back. I went to the market and insisted they sell for 400 since supermarket was selling for 500 but they refused. Truth is, I didn’t have the money to even purchase the cream so I went home.  The next day, I asked my roomie to excort me to the market, I withdrew money and went to buy from the supermarket. The believe was that buying from a supermarket with the price tag would be more swaggalicious.  My roommate was surprised that I was buying a cream of 500. I told him whose cream it was and why I was buying at the supermarket, oh boy became mad at me. He was so mad because we had trekked from the lodge to the market which was quite a distance. My roommate insisted I must pay for a bike to take us home, when I told him I didn’t have money for bike, he was highly disappointed, he took a bike and left me. I trekked back to school and delivered the cream to Stella’s next door neighbor. I didn’t want to give the cream to Stella myself. The move was to make Stella call me and show gratitude. Did that happen? Hell no!

Stella was poisonously ungrateful. I couldn’t accept such treatment anymore. I went to meet Stella to register my displeasure with her attitude. The least I deserved was a “thank you”. I received another knockout when I met Stella, she told me that she didn’t ask me to do anything or buy anything for her and that the last thing she would do was encourage me to continue in my folly by running to me to say “thank you” or show any kind of gratitude. Stella’s utterance got me speechless. I decided to leave Stella alone and face the business that brought me to IMT.


Osita Daniel schooled in Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu.

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