Stella And I


If you think I was foolish after reading my story, you are not far from the truth. Personally I didn’t believe my mother raised a goat until I met Stella. It all happened in ND1 at Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu in the year of our Lord 2008. I was a student of mass communication and Stella was in the department of Business Administration. Stella was beautiful, very beautiful.

We met in a combined class of GNS 101- Use of English. I was love struck. She was irresistible. Without much ado, I got acquainted to Stella, delay was dangerous; I quickly asked Stella to be my girlfriend, I didn’t want all those Igbo boys to strike before me. Stella told me without mincing words that she cannot be my girlfriend. I thought it was one of those initial gra gra. The babe said she was seeing herself through school and that she was doing so by selling her body. I don’t know if I was surprised but I was disappointed to know that such a fine girl was doing that. The thing that got me more puzzled was that Stella wasn’t ashamed. The ease at with she uttered those words was to say the least baffling.

I cannot remember in precision what was going through my head at that moment but I decided to play the messiah. Who send me? Stella never mentioned if she liked me or not. She only buttressed the reason for her decision. She said she cannot have a boyfriend and still be gracing beds for money. The only way that would happen was that her boyfriend would bankroll all her needs, otherwise loyalty would not be on the menu, and this to Stella makes no sense. I think she has a point.

One thing Stella and I had in common was “seeing ourselves through school” and doing that through selling something but I wasn’t selling her kind of goods. I didn’t quite have enough but I had money to see me through. Well. I tried to preach the gospel to Stella that she can pull through school without such demeaning trade. My preaching made no sense to Stella. She told me that the only reasonable thing I can say is that I would take care of her, otherwise, I should save myself the stress. Without any verbal commitment, I decided to do my best for Stella and see where that leads.

My first act of kindness or should I say foolishness happened one evening. I was in my room with my two roommates. We were hungry but nobody claimed to have money. The only money I had was N200.00. Three of us laid down and was counting our ceiling back and forth. All of a sudden, I had a revelation. Like a call to the discipleship of Jesus Christ which must be answered without the blink of an eye, I matched straight to Stella’s hostel. True to my revelation, Stella just like I was, was hungry. She hadn’t eaten all day. I gave Stella my 200 naira to buy something and eat, she collected without a second thought and said thank you. After a while, I went back to my lodge. Luckily for me, I went to a neighbour’s room and food was served, that was how I ate that evening…

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Osita Daniel schooled in IMT

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