Stop These People Now or Never

by: Comrade Muhammed Adoke


I am a Nigerian, a full fledged Nigerian. By hope,
by dreams, by vision, by mission, I am a real
Nigerian. But, every day I think about my country,
her rulers, and the people, I feel nothing but

Why are there so many poor Nigerians
eventhough the country boasts of immense
natural and human resources? Why are we so
lucky to be continuously ruled by tyrants and
clueless dictators in many garments of Military
and Democracy? Again, why are we tenants in
our Motherland?
Why do we find ourselves where we are today as
a country people? What really has gone wrong?
Why, didn’t the people before us do everything to
stem the tide? Oh, why, why, why?!

In a country like mine, where people are
reluctant to fight for what is theirs, who will die
for another? Day after day, millions of Homeless
Nigerians go to bed with less than a meal,
hungry in our anguish, yet, thousands of
Nigerians in the same country stage thousands
of parties where jolly and merry is order of the
day amidst plenty and waste. How fair is this
nation of ours? How, justified is it to syphon the
people’s treasury and make it personal account.

Alas, these same people are celebrated! These
same people are given “Leadership accolades”,
oh, these same heartless men and women of our

I weep for the innocent souls of naiive Nigerians
everytime I imagine the stark contrast between
the few haves and the outrageous hundreds of
millions of have nots. It’s heartwrenching. I keep
asking myself, of all our inactions as a country
people, where have we got it wrong the most?

Ney, if only the Nigerian comrades and patriots
of our time will take the bulls by the horn and
rise against this anomaly, the unruly Nigerian
establishment. If only, we the poeple can all
scream ENOUGH in a united voice of pain and

May the day come sooner than later, I stand
against the corrupt, ineffective, and demoralizing
regime of past and present administrations of
Nigerian Governments! Weep, beloved


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