#TalesFromCollege Statistics for August Contenders ending September 30th 2017


Hi guys, we are gradually approaching the 30th day of September 2017. You are more than aware of the rules and benchmark to emerge a winner for #TalesFromCollege – your favourite page on gubanu.com

For the records once more, a winner is a writer whose story gathered the highest post activity not below 1000. This activity is countered from number of READS, COMMENTS, SHARES AND LIKES. This you must agree with gubanu.com is a magnanimous act.

If your post has not reached or exceeded the benchmark. It is time for you to start improving your post by sharing to your friends and asking them to do the same to their friends and friends of their friends.

We pride ourselves as the only website currently in Nigeria that rewards writers monthly. We encourage our people to tell their stories because no one can tell your stories better than you. We inspire creative writing and engender reading culture amongst our people.

Gubanu.com has a big heart, as we record more successes we shall continually give back to our contributors and writers.

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Evening Encounter by Reuben (FutMinna)

  • Read___________________8
  • Likes___________________1
  • Shares__________________ 1
  • Comment_______________ 0
  • Total___________________ 10


Rewards of A Backbencher by Titilope (Futminna)

  • Read____________________18
  • Shares___________________ 3
  • Likes_____________________ 2
  • Comment________________ 0
  • Total_____________________ 23


Bitter Experience by Yusuf (Futminna)

  • Read__________________21
  • Shares_________________3
  • Likes__________________ 2
  • Comment_______________ 0
  • Total___________________ 26

The Shuttle Struggle by Patrick (UniAbuja)

  • Read___________________ 155
  • Likes___________________ 29
  • Shares__________________ 39
  • Comment________________ 5
  • Total_____________________ 228

PEER INFLUENCE by Christiana (UniAbuja)

  • Read________________148
  • Likes________________ 51
  • Shares________________ 82
  • Comment______________ 1
  • Total___________________ 282

How I Lost My Virginity to A Social Media Lover by Aisha (UniAbuja)

  • Read____________________ 369
  • Likes_____________________ 11
  • Shares___________________ 99
  • Comments________________ 4
  • Total_____________________ 483