Fans go crazy as Taylor Swift appears Naked in music video


Taylor Swift has sent her fans into a frenzy after releasing a teaser for her brand new music video on Monday.

The pop star appears to be almost fully naked in the short clips for new single Ready For It?, which is officially out on Thursday.

Moments after it was released, her loyal fanbase joked that they were “not ready for it” after seeing their icon seemingly nude in the futuristic preview.

Taylor posted three short clips on her Instagram page, and within one hour they had been viewed more than 2.5 million times in total.

In the teaser, set in a futuristic sci-fi universe, the singer walks down a corridor with a hood over her head before she is seen as a robot or cyborg-like being.

She seems to be unclothed with geometric lines of lights across her body, although some fans have suggested she is wearing a nude-coloured bodysuit.

Another segment shows Taylor gazing into a floating, glowing orb, while another snippet sees her smashing through what looks like a glass cage.

Fans of the star took to Twitter to share their thoughts over the teaser, with many using the song’s title to joke they were not prepared for it.

One wrote: “I literally just closed my eyes and when i opened it Taylor Swift T released the teaser for …Ready For It? music video. I WAS NOT READY FOR IT.”

Another said: “Taylor: ready for it music video drops Thursday! Narrator: she in fact, was NOT ready for it.”

“I wasn’t ready for it! Now my heart is racing and my head can’t stop thinking about how amazing and powerful this video is,” another said, sharing their high praise of the clip.

While some other fans were left confused over Taylor’s apparent nudity.

One asked: “Is she naked with editing or is it a bodysuit?? She had to know we’d be wondering from the trailer!”


One excited fan said the video was a “mix of Star Wars and Blade Runner 2049” and that they were “freaking out”.

Ready For It is the second single from Taylor’s forthcoming studio album Reputation, which is set for release on November 10.

She released the album’s third track Gorgeous last week.

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