My Ten Amazing College Friends

By: Jessica Agee


My life on this earth I have learnt that; life doesn’t always introduce you to the people you want to meet or to the situations you would want to find yourself in.

Sometimes life puts you in touch with the people you need to meet to love you, hurt you, to leave you to redesign and strengthen you into the person you were meant to be.

Yeah, I have been around this world, I have been to lot of places, I have seen a million faces a thousand times and I have made friends too, of course you know that friends affect your life negatively and positively, oh my gosh!! Some friends could be so amazing, some could be annoying in an amazing way and some could be so entertaining that you wouldn’t want to leave them not even for a second.

Now I’ve got a list of ten (10) friends of mine you wouldn’t mind having a glimpse of the stuff they are made of.

Had a group of friends back then though we were just six in number but if you look at them closely you will see that they were unique in their own way both in their weakness and strength. Talking about weakness I think

Timarah should come first, Timarah was the most beautiful amongst us, had an almond shaped eye with a high chick bone and a pointed nose that fit right over her oval face. Obviously, she contributed less in the group both in ideas and in deeds but when she does she always made sense.


I have never had a crazy friend as Mitchell who will make me laugh with mouthfuls of food. I remember being choked of bread and tea when she brought up a silly idea that; the first to finish her loaves of bread would collect every body’s share of the bread and tea. She was crazy in an amazing way and I loved her for that.


Whoo-hoo… The master planner of the group Kimberly! So creative. Usually I call her the fairy tale princess. Kimberly was so obsessed with imaginary characters and events she will just make stories of things that were never there, she will also make us believe that we were princesses who lost their way into a camp trying to figure out the possible exit. Sometimes we spent our evening in Kimberly’s apartment just to listen to her stories.

Angela stop! You’re scaring the hell out of me!” I heard myself shout when on entering my apartment when I saw Angela with the cotton wool I normally use for manicure and pedicure stuffed half way into her nostrils and ears. Angela’s approach to life is exceptional, her perception of life was incredible, and she had a reckless attitude to life right from her appearance to the way she behaves. She will tell me “Jessy whatever the world wants from you,  give to it two folds if the world smile at you smile back at the world and if the world push you down try harder to get up again”. I have never seen someone who goes for an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth like Angela.

I loved and treated Sandra like my younger sister because she was so humble, gentle and kind  I’d rather call her the  innocent one what merited her this name is what I thought to be her weakness but she uses it to her advantage. Sandra had a heart melting smile but was so quick to tears and always afraid of little things that I thought didn’t really matter but somehow sometimes she calms situations down when she breaks down.

Talking about male friends, I had a male friend called Frederick who was popularly known as  “king of the hunters”. No doubts about that because he had a high caliber of girls at his fingertips. Despite he was so ugly, he was hardly neglected by a lady whenever he made advances although he had a good physique for clothing and could speak English fluently which makes it easy for him to tease and flatter ladies.

Now when it comes to business, I recommend you talk to Vicente, mehn…he had it flowing in his blood stream. So business oriented was he that you don’t have to borrow a kobo from him without returning an interest. This guy I am telling you about dwells on the philosophy of ” Nothing goes for Nothing” and he maintains that.

Wait a minute! I was wondering if there will ever be a friend like Amos; damn! He could lie for Africa  he never losses in an argument not minding if he was telling the truth or not. I swore not to forget the day he made the class spill all sort of drinks on me when he told them it was my birthday but all my excuses to make them disregard the lie had an accurate answer to defend the lie he told.

Sometimes I wish I was talented like Edward, Edward was the social prefect, he could dance and sing (rap), acting was one of his hobbies. One thing he was known for was creating scene in public with his drama but just like every other human being, no matter how good we are, there is always some bad in us Edward was easily angered and hot tempered owing to the fact that he was a stammerer.

For the first time in my life I saw a male so attracted to the things of the feminine gender so that he can’t do without them. The only difference between Desmond and a lady was that he never wore skirts. Asking Desmond to leave the house without his rituals after taking his bath was the most difficult task he will ever do. Over his dead body will he live the house without using his creams (body, face and hand cream), powder and a lip gloss to keep his mouth fresh with a little touch of white nail Polish to keep his toe and finger nails shining, not forgetting to leave his hair unattended to with his hair cream/spray and combs that come in different sizes and shapes.

I miss you guys a lot and just talking about you guys make me travel thousand miles back wishing for my good days. I know i will still meet you guys someday somehow.


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