The Bullies

by Francis Onyechi


Unending, their scourge of puppeteering
As old as humanity; their inhumanity
So dreaded as a plague upon humanity
Soulless souls whose conscience stinks
Like a decomposing corpse in evil forest
Pervading the workstead with ominous stunts
Filling up the minds of diligent workers with uncertainties
As bullies speak from both sides of the mouth

Pretentious wolves in sheep garments Skillful in the act of apostasy
Their words are taken with a pinch of salt
Attempting the unimaginable limits
Not for the proprietor’s gain or love
Nor for the gain or care of that colleague
Often the victim of their malicious scheming
But for self-aggrandisement and gratification

There come the mindless bullies
Their contaminated sore, venomously coated lips
Akin to lies and deceit but abhor consistencies
Scheming to safety while drowning others
With their fantastically contagious smiles
Prey on their unsuspecting preys
Whose only crime was team-playing
And awash them of every iota of solidarity

But these are religious people
People who go to his temple
Often first to bow down in worship
Of a benevolent God, professing endless fellowship
Whereas from their mouths ooze out
Venoms which ravage their captives ruthlessly
Like a cancerous sore of a leper
Leaving in the minds of the victims indelible
Scars even time cannot erase

Behold the sadistic bullies
With a sadistic personality disorder


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