The Death Of Creativity

By: Patrick Agunwa

I can feel it coming quickly
It’s all my fault, don’t cry for me, I’m guilty
I saw the signs early but I did nothing
All that I am, fades away
Even at the last moments I try to find a way
Thoughts of reinventing myself but to no avail
Sitting here all day thinking of the bad steps I took
It was so attractive like a bait on a hook
Now all I have is regrets and eyes opened
Funny how I missed the truth when all the doors were opened
Crying myself to sleep, thinking of what could have been
I know it’s a waste of time, there’s no stopping this engine
I can feel it coming and I think I’m ready
Good bye to you and I hope you have a great ending.


  1. I wish I had noticed too
    Wished I had seen d signs, I ‘d probably have fed u more. So Long Creativity. Beautiful piece

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