The Journey 4


After all the enjoyment, views and enthusiasm, port novo chicken amidst
all other things; man’s got to go back home |singing sound sultan
motherland…winkie|. So on the last day and 4th day of the trip, we all set out
on our journey home.
I was a bit moody coming back, guess part of me wished to stay because
the few days spent there had been some sort of escape from the stress back
at home and school. As my departmental mates were out snapping and having
fun, I retrieved into my reticent self. I did manage to take some group pictures
which were cool.
All moody and gentle I was back at my favorite corner in the bus, counting
the minutes till we reach our destination. Guys were singing praises and
worship, everyone expressing their gratitude to God in whatever way they
know best. At some point, it was rationally okay to stop, but we refused to
stop |lolll|, mama Jericho was upping her antics, she had this frustration
look on when she saw that the continuous song was only to diss her, trust
me; I participated when I saw the fun in it |winks|.
Tradition is a very deep concept, even with all the youthful zeal, the hard
long inherited tradition of being respectful especially to elders came rushing
in, so we gave her the chance she craved. I knew within me that we’re all in
for it that day. Mama started with words, admonishing, warning, condemning
amidst a host of things typical transportevangelist does. The way she went
about it was funny, calling bible verses and expecting us to read |I mean
us!!!|. That was when I knew Busola was her favorite bible reader, it was said
that she did that every morning in the HQ |good girl, lol|.
After what seemed like forever, she was through. The rest of the journey
was eventful till we got to the border |winks|. My colleagues and their loads
|scoffs|, the way we piled loads was even incriminating to say the least, we
weren’t much different from the loggers, see bags of rice, travelling bags etc.
arranged roughly, well, I guess we didn’t care.
On getting to the border, we were told to arrange ourselves, and hid these
loads |rice especially|. We were there; delayed as usual, the lecturers, apostle
and pope all alighted tending to the matters till we were cleared on their side.
Our side of the border housed all the drama, it all started when our
coordinators refused to bribe the security officers, so we’re there, when a
particular officer came on board saying all sort of formal things, that we all
need to be inspected and stuffs, at some point he caught the sight of mama’s
plant which was her reason for coming with us in the first place, heard she’s
some sort of horticulturist in FUTA.
That became the new topic, saying it’s wrong to bring a plant from another
country to Nigeria without inspection and all, okay, alright, we know he’s right
and we were of the stance of apologizing and using our status as students till
mama revealed all of herself to us. She was proving all sorts of wrong rights
till the man was infuriated that we were delayed even further. Prior to the
incidence, things were going a bit smooth to our benefit, it ain’t looking good
no more, and mama wouldn’t even help, shouting, abusing and claiming
stupid rights as they come. It all culminated at the plant being ceased, I was
damn happy, she was all ranting about the cost and all, which made me
happier. |tongue out|

As we were released, a lot of thoughts were running through my head, me
for one would have loved if the incident can be more of Jonah and the storm.
If I were to be in charge, I would sacrifice her and her plant so that we can go,
but at least her plants stayed back |happy|. At some point of self-reflection,
I felt my thoughts were harsh, she is a mother of someone and it’ll be rude to
be wishing her all those bad things, but that didn’t stop me from concluding
that she ain’t got a good character, and that really affected us.
The rest of the journey was fun, past unions of the department were
debating on whose tenure was more effective. It was interesting their
arguments, I really loved it, as they were all there pointing out faults and
strengths. Doyin came through at a point when the fun was at the peak, we
at the rear row were teasing Suzzy about his chances with Eyinade, how to get
her; starting by putting his hand behind her and all the necessary tips |lolll|.
One thing lead to the other, Doyin wouldn’t go back to her seat, saying she
wouldn’t have me and Balotelli the pleasure of looking at her backside
|hahahahahahaha|, hello!!!, what’s there to see or hide? I could even close
my eyes for her to go, and all I need do is view her profile picture on Whatsapp
the next day, I trust such picture will be there |lolll| since it’s the trending
pose for the ladies after their imbecile pose. I guess it’s some form of marketing
for them, advertising their selling point |hahahahahahaha, naughty|.
It so happened that the day coincided with Mr. Adesida’s birthday, we sang
and rejoiced with him. Good man that man, he bought us gala |smiles|. Not
far from there we alighted to take a leak, of us all that did; 90% were ladies
|hahahahahaha|. I actually doubted it, maybe it’s the “28days thing”
|nonsense boy| that they were doing |hey, what’s my own? frowns|. The rest
of the journey till Akure was awesome, I maintained my formal composure
throughout as I’m doing while writing it |winks|. What an experience it was,
one which I will forever cherish |smiles|. The End


Oluwaseun Akinlembola reps FUTA


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