The Narrative (iv)


I tried standing up, I limped, I couldn’t feel my legs. Sammy was lying on the couch and the way he was looking at me, I was very sure in his mind he would be feeling like a superstar.  To be fair to him, in all my years of shagging I have never had it so intense. I asked Sammy to show me his wash room. As I was going towards the direction he pointed, my phone rang, I retreated to answer the call and it was my one and only love, Chinedu, my heart  was beating ten times faster. What a time to call, Chinedu what is always the matter with you. Always calling me at wrong times like a guardian angel but never had the capacity to save or prevent iniquity. The first thing Chinedu said was that I would be coming to Lagos the next day.

According to Chinedu, he wanted me to attend an interview at AXA Mansard. He said a friend of his told him about it. Chinedu said he booked a flight for me. When he was done, he said “I love you”. I just told him bye. I couldn’t say the same. I felt so filthy. When I was done cleaning up, I put on my undies and gown and told Sammy I was leaving. All the idiot asked was if I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t reply him. With the look on my face, I expected him to be a gentleman and apologize even if he didn’t mean it but Sammy didn’t. He offered to take me home, I refused. He saw me off to board a cab, he then paid the cab.

When I got home, I had my bath. I lay on my bed and was thinking of my life. I was contemplating calling Chinedu to cancel the trip but I didn’t have a valid reason. I cannot imagine facing him. I feared I may confess to him. There was no way I would go to Lagos with that guilt as fresh as it was and be excited around Chinedu. It cannot happen. I was really downcast.

Little by little, what just happened, the consequences of what I just did, started dawning on me. My conscience was my judge; it was transmitting messages to me. Hello miss, you just had sex on a first date abi first meeting because that cannot be a date. Hello miss, you didn’t use protection, maybe you have contracted one thing now. Hello miss, what do you think is going on, on Sammy’s mind? He thinks you are a cheap girl, an easy lay, a woman of easy virtue. He surely won’t be jealous of your boyfriend. Why should he? What he has, Sammy got on a platter, not just on a platter but screwed as he pleased. You are a disgrace, a scarlet woman. You should be terribly ashamed of yourself. My conscience was killing me, it was driving me crazy.  My body was in a dock and my conscience was the judge and it was passing life sentences on me, it hard no mercy.

This was the first time I let my guard down. I couldn’t take it any longer. I started packing my clothes; I needed to get occupied with something else. Then there was a knock on my door, it was my mum. I didn’t want to see her, so I pretended to be asleep. Time was running out, if I would be going to Lagos I had to inform my folks and the time wasn’t there.

I picked my phone which I had switched off; put it on and googled AXA Mansard. I needed to gather as much information as I could. The more I tried to focus on my interview, the more my sins stare at me. Sex indeed had never felt so sinful. I guess I had to live with this for the rest of my life. Oh! Time they say heals everything. That was my only consolation.

I later informed my parents about my proposed trip to Lagos.  Of course they expressed their dislike for the city once more…

…the story continues