The Narrative (v)

Confessions of a housewife


Mum and Dad as always didn’t buy the idea of my trip to Lagos but they had no job to offer me, so they reluctantly gave their blessings. Dad had spoken to a few of his allies in different walks of life, they had promised him they were working on it but you know how it is, talk is cheap. Dad always banked on that to ensure I stayed in coal city but in this, his hands were tied.

My flight to Lagos was 11am and by 12pm, I was in Lagos. The feelings of yesterday seemed to have disappeared. I was so indifferent. No guilt, no excitement. I boarded a cab to Chinedu’s house. Chinedu and i spoke at length the previous night, he sounded so eager to see me. As to why he didn’t call to know if i had left, I wouldn’t know, maybe he was busy at work. I didn’t call him either. I got to Chinedu’s house, took his keys from where he usually kept them and settled in.

Something awkward was happening,  the fact that Chinedu hadn’t called me wasn’t quite confusing as much it was with Sammy. I hadn’t heard from Sammy since I left his house. Over 24hrs, me and Sammy didn’t talk. That wasn’t just strange, it was unbelievable. I thought about it. I couldn’t place my fingers to the reason Sammy was yet to call me. Somewhere in my heart craved to hear from him while some part was saying God forbid.

I guess the devil was asleep when my conscience flogged me the preceding day. I was having the urge to speak to Sammy but calling him would be the greatest disrespect I would accord myself. It seemed I was missing something, maybe not Sammy per se but the conversation we often had. To be in my boyfriend’s house and be thinking about a guy whom I felt disrespected me yesterday was really a cause for worry. Apparently, i was missing the 24/7 attention Sammy gave me, from constant BBM chats to phone calls and to the most insignificant of events. I didn’t doubt Chinedu’s love for me but he wasn’t as conversational as Sammy. Sammy was able to gain unhindered access to my panties because he had started it on BBM. He was the first guy I had sex chat with. Bearing in mind I was yet to meet him. I think i felt comfortable. I didn’t rebuff the topic because in my mind, I felt I was safe after all we didn’t have any physical contact.

In our sexting, Sammy built imaginations in my head, he created scenarios, things I never heard of or thought of. You couldn’t imagine the curiosity in me when Sammy told me about cock rings and how it would send cold shivers down my spine when it comes in contact with the clit or the goose bumps on my body when he mentioned fetish – asking me if I wouldn’t mind cumming in a guy’s buccal cavity. He asked me if I never dreamt of a guy licking honey off my body and driving his tongue into my bumhole.  Sammy wrote me a long message which I saved in my mailbox, I like to read it sometime and that i would share. In the message he titled: If You Would Let me he said:…

………………wait for it