The Narrative (ii)


Our conversation on Blackberry Messenger became pretty much regular and intense. Sammy always had lots to talk about. He was a born raconteur.

I cannot remember in precision how it started. Sexting found its way into our convo. For Sammy it was no-holds-barred. He would say things others might consider incisive and daring. I was spending more time on BBM than searching for a job. I didn’t quite realize I was losing focus. One way or the other I was giving Sammy more attention than my boyfriend Chinedu. Sometimes while chatting with Sammy, Chinedu would call, I either picked to excuse myself or ignore the call. I didn’t appreciate his distractions when me and Sammy were on our usual plenary. Sammy had more interesting things to say.

In no time, I gave my number to Sammy. That was the deal breaker. Sammy calls every now and then. I was yet to meet Sammy but it seemed like we have known each other since birth.

In hindsight, I can boldly state that women most of the time don’t really know what they want. We want the good guy, the gentleman who respects us, who thinks before he talks, who considers how we feel before taking any action but when we meet the gangster, the narrative changes. We begin to see things in a different perspective. Our attention shifts from the gentleman who has been our prayer point to the nigga who is adventurous, spontaneous and swaggalicious. We have a problem and it is hard to admit.

The rate at which Sammy called was a brand new experience for me. No one ever made me feel that important, like I was a life support. For the stupidest of reasons Sammy would call just for the narratives. I remember him calling just to tell me that he was cooking noodles and one of the packs didn’t come with the seasoning. I didn’t see that information as relevant but he did tell me anyways. C’mon I felt that was a new style.

It was rare for Chinedu to call and my number was not on call waiting. He wondered what was going on. Who I was always talking to on the phone. This was never the case when I was in Lagos with him. The good thing is that Chinedu trusted me and whatever excuse I gave, he never queried.

Meanwhile, I was troubled by the fact that Sammy is yet to ask for a date after two months of uninterrupted communication. I didn’t know how to bring it up. It wasn’t ideal I brought it up. I thought that would amount to see finish. I wanted to meet this man but he wasn’t saying anything. I had many thoughts in my head but I couldn’t make any conclusions. Despite the myriads of phone calls, the sexting and all what not, why wasn’t Sammy eager to meet this woman – a masterpiece of God’s creation. I was longing for him, if it was a scheme, it really worked. Nice one Sammy.

The much awaited day came; Sammy called and asked me to meet him at Bubbles Plaza. The excitement in my voice must have sold me out. It was a long awaited request. The feeling could be akin to that of a Nigerian who won American visa lottery.

To be continued…