Letter To The People Of Nigeria

by: Comrade Muhammed J Adoke


It’s been nearly fifty seven years now since
our grandfathers
first rejoiced over gaining freedom to govern
themselves by
themselves. How have you all fared ever since? I
read up the tales of
the gruesome war of no Victor, no Vanquished.

I hear about how, for the
many years of our supposed “Free State” our
brethren are killed daily
in the name of religion. How about the ever
culminating threats of
secessionist groups across the nation?


Beloved people, I am writing to you all on
this day in order to
express my heart felt pains which I know you
share, for being where we
find ourselves as a people and nation today.

I am
writing from the
ramshackle of a hole called house, which I
happily hide myself in the
ultimate quest for survival. In fact, lying down
on my bed while
penning my thoughts now, I can feel the droplets
of my leaking roof,
constantly reminding me that I am a tenant in my

Fellow country men and women, I hear that
our hippos ordered us
to eat cassava as bread, drink pipe borne rusts
as water, drive on
“Molue” and redundant trains as our benevolent
mass transits, use
Innoson cars as our home made messiah, and
eat stones in the name of

For all their acts of kindness and “Services to
humanity”, I wonder
why our leaders want these nice things for us
while they painfully
suffer themselves for our sake by consuming
foreign made bread,
distilled and bottled water, drive on the latest
Mercedes and BMWs,
and they even go as far as inconveniencing
themselves just for the
sake of the masses by flying on private jets, as
well as consuming
Thai and Indian parboiled rice alike! These
nauseating things they
have to go through just because they want the
best for We, The People!

Indeed, we must collectively appraise and
encourage our benevolent
rulers for their services to humanity. They are
indeed, the
ambassadors to progress!


Great people, need I forget? I woke up in the
early hours of
Tuesday, September 5th, to the news that Nigeria has narrowly exited
its first recession in twenty five years, I was
marveled. “Exit” I
wondered. How do we exit recession when one
mudu of rice still sells
for five hundred naira in Gwagwalada market as
opposed to its
pre-recession price of Three hundred naira?
Also, the price of one
mudu of garri still remains Two hundred and fifty
naira rather than
its pre-recession price of One hundred and
twenty naira! And that
remains the plights of so many other
commodities. I couldn’t hold my
paroxysm of laughter at the declaration of
Nigeria’s Bureau of
Statistics, they actually want to appear useful indeed.

Tentatively, dare I mention the ongoing plights of
Nigerian university
students? It may sound funny, but the truth is
that I heard from a
reliable source that ASUU strike is now like a
world cup competition,
in that, it has chosen to embark on strike strikes
at four years
intervals for three consecutive times now, (2009,
2013, and 2017).
Well, I shall not comment further on this for now,
pending on the
outcome of the ongoing negotiations between
Federal Government and


Enough of all that! Our problems as a nation
are unlimited. For
how long shall we look on, pretending “all is
well” and clamouring for
“e go better one day” when we are indeed dying
in pains? I ask, for
how long shall we wait for the messiah that will
miraculously turn
around our national ordeals?

Behold, all these people that has pulled our
country aground are
not ghosts, they live among us, in the comfort of
their highly fenced
mansions, they cruise their expensive cars past
us everyday, and we
secretly curse in our breathe, after bowing our
heads to shyly greet
them even when our greetings are ignored.


Smart people of Nigeria, when will you all
awake from this too
long a slumber? If China could do it, America did,
France went through
it, Singapore did, then why can’t we attempt it?
An ideologically
driven mindset for a better Nigeria.

All the aforementioned nations are today,
enjoying the benefits
of the struggles by some persons many years ago!
What are you waiting
for? Oh, till everyone dies? Did I hear you right?

Anyway, please be kind enough to wake me up
whenever the trumpets are
blown, for I shall return to my sleep right away
and wail in hunger.

Weep beloved people, cry for our Nigeria.