The Promise

By: Shagba Nguher Ann


I will walk thousand miles

climb a hundred mountains

swim the widest oceans

to catch a glimpse of  your face again


I will dance on the roof

Fill like an early morning shower

Glow like a harmattan blaze

Join the sun in the midday sky


I will sing like a gale

Rumble like a rumor

Fly like a fresh-made-pledge

Murmur like a menatee


I will feel your sadness

With bushes of laughter

Tease you tight in your tender places

Heat you moan like a handsome wind


Gently I lie down on the ground

With respect for the fun

My sweet loving wife is at it again

The viper has struck again with a kind heart



The woman from my own tribe

I love her so much if only am deaf and dump

The silky milky woo on top of a mountain you are

My virgin prostitute innocent as Basheba


She killed mercilessly with pity

And sluttered my own lions with a knife

Peaceful as the lion, women of virtue

My manhood has lost the test of your wine since


She smell like the swim yet beautiful as if lizard spit on her

Wife of a king and servant of slave

Your wisdom my children took from you, generation of eve

This is “the promise” you vow for me


The child of sorrow

Go to bed oh child

Go to bed sinful child of terror

Go to the land of justice with


Evil tied to your neck

Your hardly open your eyes before closing them

Even the bee weal is known by the kumb

My neighborhood already knows you


Child of manner, you struck me with the sun

I pulled  down my fathers three

But you swallow it all

You will come again but sun


Shall take your dew away

You did this to me

You let the world into my nakedness

You will be struck by tongue of pain

The beginning of my ruing, my own lion





  1. Wow thaouth the world of poetry was lost in this generation that many feel reluctante to read, thought it was lost in love songs but here it is words that speak derectly to my heart.. Nice piece of work thanks for shearing at DG

  2. Nice poem with perfect choice of words and you adequately explore poetic license.keep it up and improve on your rhymes

  3. I never know poetry can be very interested not till I sat down and took my time in reading dis one.i tink u did a great job God bless ur hustle sweetie

  4. Wow…Ann is fast becoming a better writer than she was. There have been a misconception that writing “poem” to be specific ain’t doesn’t have any value to the human happiness and endeavours but here come,s Ann proofing the us wrong.
    Keep it up.

  5. Poetry romanced with sweet words that captures the heart and relay a beautiful message to the soul body and spirit.
    Nice poem sweetie