The Shuttle Struggle

By Uche Patrick


What Is the easiest way of entering a vehicle? Some may say the door and they are correct but if you are in my university that view must change. Statistics shows that having lectures or teaching in general is best carried out in the morning but people like me having my lectures in another campus, is a horror show. To wake up early is the easy part but how early is early, that’s the question.

On getting to the shuttle ground the sight of the number of people already there is heart breaking. After waiting a long while the feeling of a shuttle coming close sets in and I’m usually right, then from nowhere a huge some starts running towards the gate. In a matter of seconds, the doors are jam packed and the athletes start flying in through the windows like it’s high jump. Me being amazed at such talent always stand back and give them a round of applauds before I find my way in the bus. After finally getting in the shuttle, they all share tales of how they all got in, as if it was a war that occurred.

I personally feel sorry for those that dressed to kill, because the full face prints of the girls struggling gave a lasting impression on all their dresses. You would think girls are weak but the opposite is the case because at that moment all the forming and pride are being thrown into the trash bin and their true nature shows up.

After the lectures coming back home is a problem. Before the shuttle arrives, you would observe boys asking girls out, people gist etc. As soon as the shuttle arrives they all stop whatever they were doing and begin his/her race to get in the shuttle. On entering the shuttle, I believe I’ve heard some strange statements. I once heard a girl say “who is touching my breast”, another said she is on her period another was shouting my wig my wig, just to mention a few.

The shuttle bus is not a stranger for where people steal things. Not even my poor calculator which was kept in my front pocket, I’m sure they thought it was a phone. The shuttle bus is not entirely bad; it’s also a place people socialize but believe me before that happens the struggle most continue.

Uche Patrick is a student of Statistics, University of Abuja



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