The “thieving” Episode in Uniabuja


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Stealing is one of the highly ranked offences in my school. Management hates it, student hate it. Yes students hate because even those who steal don’t want to be stolen from. On one fateful day, as I ended my reading for the day and on my way back to the hostel, on reaching the hostel I noticed a guy with his face all messed up, running with all his might, strength, energy. In fact, everything he had in him, passed me and after few seconds a crowd followed. I had a good look at their faces and I noticed that they just wanted to kill him, which was their plan and nothing else. It was that night I discovered that when it comes to dying and living, people choose living at all cost. That fellow ran straight to the porters’ office, into the room where they keep people that commit crime and he jammed the door.

The porter came out, closed the door and started asking the crowd questions. The crowd were busy shouting thief thief. The porter asked someone to explain what happened. Then a guy started the story. He said in the block where he stays, students phone where just disappearing, then they decided that enough is enough and became vigilant. On this very night, in his words ‘that thief’ pointing to the office, came into my room, he thought everyone was asleep. I saw him when he entered; he turned on the light, observed the environment then turned it off. He sighted a phone and then went straight for it, as soon as he picked it up he ran out, and immediately I followed him. Now he thought he was wise, he knew I followed him so he went to the toilet. I allowed him fool himself, after a while I shouted thief everybody gathered. We searched him and found the phone on him. I gave him a dirty slap. He ran away, of course we are sure he is the criminal stealing other peoples’ phones.

In my mind, I believed he was leaving out important information. The way he was running it was obvious they almost lynched him. Jungle justice at work I thought.

The porter said you people have tried by chasing him down here, we would take it up from here. From the look at their faces, they were not satisfied. After a while they left, while leaving they were uttering hate words. I heard some saying you no see as I match him face, another said you no see as I punch am, him for die today na God save am.

Since then I have not heard anything about him, maybe the porter took him to crime unit and he was expelled or he expelled himself for fear of his life. I just wish he has learnt his lessons because next time he might not be lucky.

Submitted by Uche Patrick, Uniabuja


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