The Tiger nut and Debinu really worked for me today..



I pulled up in front of the modest Duplex and rechecked the given address before paying the uber driver. Dressed inconspicuously on a navy blue polo shirt and khakis three quarters and with my IT service bag in hand, I stepped out of the uber into the blazing scorching sun.

I walked up a meandering pathway through a rock and cactus garden to the front door and rang the doorbell. I’ve never met lady Titilayo. Lord, she look gorgeous. The lock snapped open and a woman of average height who looked to be in her early 30’s opened the door.

She had caramel brown hair with honey blonde highlights that framed her heart shaped face. Sultry green eyes, a pouty lower lip, dressed in a white tank top, pink sweat pants and bejeweled flip flops.. yeah she was fuckable
. She was curvy and sexy.

Miss Titilayo looked me up and down with those cat eyes of hers, resting on my crotch before her eyes returned to mine. With that killer smile that women love so much, I said, “Hi, I’m Mcberth with Phillip IT Services.

I’m here to service your computer.” “Please, come on in,” she purred as she stepped aside. I stepped into the cool granite tiled floor. She closed the door behind me. The house was typical of this area, neat and professionally cleaned with expensive oversized leather furniture.

t was quiet with only the barks of little dog clambering at the door breaking the silence. I followed her into her family room. “would you care for something to drink?” she asked, gesturing to a toast of wine. “No, thank you.”

She eyed my athletic body which I work hard to maintain. With my pleasant face, freshly showered body and recently carved dark hair, she seemed content with the twenty seven year old package in front of her. “The computer is upstairs.” I followed her up the stairs.

My eyes were focused on her nice ass shifting beneath the sweats which made me chub in my pants. When we got to the master bedroom, she closed the blinds. The room instantly became dark and intimate.

I set my service bag on a nearby chair and said, “I hate to be a stickler but I need to collect my fee upfront.” “Ten thousand, right?” she asked. I nodded yes. She took out ten mints, one thousand naira notes each from her wallet and handed them to me.

Thanks,” I said, folding the bills to shove into my khaki pocket. I began to shuck off my shoes and unbuckle my pants but she stopped me by placing her hands on mine. She murmured, “I want to do that.”

I let my hands drop to my side. She fondled my d*ck in my pants causing it to harden even further. She gazed into my cute eyes as her fingers fumbled with my belt. She unzipped the zipper and eased my pants to my knees and followed suit.

Released from its constraints, my cock shot up like a rocket. She never took her eyes off of my hard erected dick as she lowered to her knees. She took my d*ck into her hand to steady it before her smooth mouth went down on me.

Her head bobbed back and forth, starting off slow and sensual to hard and fast. Her tongue swirled over my dick head before she took it all in until my balls slapped against her chin. She was good at this. She sucked it like a pro.

She was slobbering and moaning on my d*ck while I was experiencing indescribable pleasure. “Did I get paid for this”? My dick throbbed at the thought. After a minute of deep throating me, she wriggled her tongue beneath my shaft before her mouth dropped my dick.

Her hand jacked my glistening wet dick as she nuzzled her face beneath my balls to suck them. I hissed on the verge of an orgasm when she put both of my balls in her mouth.

Dammit, she loves dick. I started thinking about Manchester City vs Man United Derby tomorrow by 5:30pm to cool down as I pet her head, stroking her lush hair as I would a cat Then she stopped to look up at me. Without a word, she stood.

My hands went for her waistband which I tugged down, bending as I did, until her sweats were on the floor. I was face to face with her lacy pearl pink thong in my face. I kissed it, breathing in her sweet fragrant womanhood before standing up.

I whipped her top over her head. Her breast nearly spilled from her matching bra. She said nothing as she turned around and bent over to rest her hands on the bed’s edge.

Fuck me,” she said. I pulled aside the thong to see her pretty puffy p*ssy sitting under that sweet ass of hers. I bent to push my face in her private flesh to wet it with my wiggling tongue. There was no need. She was already moist and slick.

I straightened up to place my d*ck inside that perfect p*ssy and broke through with a slight thrust. I inched my thick dick into her, pushing her forward with each thrust. Her head reared up. She let out a satisfied moan. Firmly past resistance, I began to fuck her.

My crotch slammed against her, cupping her ass with the sound “cup pop, pop, pop cup pop”. Her thighs began to tremble but I didn’t let up. With my fingers digging into her hip and my free hand twisting her hair around my fist to pull her head back.

her whole body shook from the force of my plunging d*ck. I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft before it began to convulse with an orgasm. “Oh!” she cried loud..

No, no, nooo!” I plunged it all the way in as she came, holding her in place by her hair. Her thighs quivered against mine as she cried out in ecstasy. She began to buck against my shaft, bouncing back and forth against it as I held her hair in my hand until her arms collapsed.

When I let go, she fell forward onto the bed. My d*ck remained at attention covered in her juicy juice. She laid there for a while, sticking her hands under her groin to clutch her still quivering. I sat down beside her on the edge to cool down and playfully slapped her ass.

She began to crawl towards the headboard. I wiped some sweat from my brow before looking back to see her resting her head on a pillow. She rolled over still squirming from lingering jolts of a dying orgasm.

My dick slowly became flaccid and when it was sufficiently down, I stood and pulled up my pants. She was still running her hands over her body.

She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, “But you didn’t cum. I wanna make you cum.” “Don’t worry about me,” I said, pulling my shirt over my head. “As long as you had fun.” Once I was fully dressed, I pulled out my business card and placed it on her nightstand.

said, “If you ever need service again, just call me.” With tired face, she nodded and replied, “I sure will.” I kissed her cheek, grabbed my service bag and left her room. On my way out, I stopped by the lobby room to pour a glass of “Jack Daniel”.

guzzled it down before letting myself out into the hot afternoon. I was done for the day. Time to go home, maybe watch some cartoons to relieve this tension. But first, I’ve got to stop off and get some beer. My Day was made!

story by @Mcberth_Playkul