The Ungrateful Terrorist


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You can ascribe whatever characteristic to someone you do not know; no one may really blame you. We understand that with ignorance comes great stupidity. Conversely, when you intentionally choose to talk down on a person that has brought you good tiding, one begins to doubt your sanity; and your attitude is akin to a dreadful, awful, mournful, doleful, woeful, and disgracefully lugubrious one.

As a student of the great university of Benin, I met tons of people. Some have good memories of me; some have bad memories, while others have ugly memories. I guess that is the way life goes. I was not born to please everyone.  No matter how good you are, those who hate good will despise you. It is foolhardy to say that lions should not devour you simply because you don’t eat lions. That you are good to someone is no guarantee that the person will be good to you.

There was/is this dark complexioned lady in my class, the only self-styled QUEEN. By birth or affiliation she has no connection to royalty. Recent revelations from her verbal expressions show that Queens are born not photocopied.

How we started talking, I cannot really place my hand on it but I remember vividly the day she told me that her boyfriend (now husband) lost a parent and she didn’t have money to call him to commiserate with him. In my “ungentlemanly” attitude I gave her N200.00 to call him. She later brought her boyfriend to show gratitude when he visited.

She got a part time job as a steward at Lizbertez restaurant. She was to resume by 5pm and close by 10pm. Though she needed the money, she wasn’t too proud of it because of what her fellow students will say. When she raised this concern, in my “ungentlemanly” demeanor I told her to go for it and damn what people will say because people will always talk. She didn’t do the job for long because her sister asked her to quit. She needed a voice to discourage her but it didn’t come from me.

While eulogizing her low-cut hairstyle, she told me it was due to financial imbroglio, never because she liked it. Even her boyfriend don’t like it but how man go do. I never snitched or looked down on her on account of the information I was privy to. A noble man shouldn’t do such. Of course, she started making hair in final year and still does. Thanks be to God.

As the leader of Palm kernel group in 200 level, Mr Awani of blessed memory insisted that we submit our production before leaving school. After our exams she asked for permission to leave as her foodstuff has finished. I granted her wish and her name included in the final list. The money we had left, we remitted some to Awani and the balance I left for Faith Ozigagu and Oriwor Gloria. They were the only two who stayed with me till the end. I appreciated them because the success or failure of the group is hinged on the leader. This is the precise behavior of an “ungentleman”. Faith and Gloria are alive, any Thomas in the house can verify from them.

I was soaked in astonishment when someone asked her questions about me during our class game on Whatsapp group and she said she didn’t like the way I treated women, vomiting all sorts calumny against me. Really!!! What a catharsis.  A shameless repetition of Marcus Brutus betrayal of his friend Caesar in William Shakespeare’s classical tragedy – Julius Caesar. I could not help but repeat the words of Caesar, this time it was, Et tu Esther? You too, Esther?

I have a heart of gold. This is not a statement of pride. I stand for what I believe and wouldn’t bend to please people. Those who have unsettled problems with me should look in the mirror to find the remote and immediate cause of their problems. It is shameful to learn that five years down the line, some while in their husband’s house are still immature and unreasonable.

submitted by: Stanley Bentley