Travails of a Uniben Under G

edited by: Stanley Bentley


Some people will make you proud, make you think, make you wonder, make you worry, make you happy, make you sad. Some will make you work and put you on your toes. I think such persons are called round character in literature. i don’t know again.

During our hundred level days in the great university of Benin, there were lots of academic competition. Competition and pride came in different forms. Some are proud of the course they were studying, some were not so proud, while others were ashamed, I can’t be wrong, I was there, I saw them.

Your academic prowess would first be measured by the course you were offered. Yeah the trend rampant then was that most students in the faculty of Arts studying International Studies and Diplomacy (ISD), English and Literature, Foreign Languages, Philosophy and Religion etcetera were originally interested in studying the Legal profession. Either by accident or design they were thrown into the masses department. Pardon my rhetoric.

Hall 4, Uniben

The same fate befell those found in Soil Science, Animal and Environmental Biology aka Zoology, Forestry and Wildlife – these students were unfortunate medical students. Your destiny is decided by Uniben. All your aspirations and dreams for a particular course is at the mercy of the powers that be in Uniben.

It is generally argued that those who were offered these least sought after courses had meagre cut-off marks. Who buys jamb form to apply ‘Adult Education’? I guess no one but these departments must have students. And the school ensured that they were never left empty handed, this ‘innocent’ act by school authorities gave birth to a version of aroism.

I can remember my roommate telling me that if he were my dad he cannot pay my school fees. It made no sense coming to the university to study English – another man’s language for a whooping four years. Bamiyo said English was GST and nobody should be awarded a degree for such nonsense. Same Bamiyo wouldn’t understand why those studying Economics and Statistics should go for awoko. As far as he was concerned there was nothing in Economics to make a student burn the midnight candle. Economics is a secondary school subject and there was no reason for anyone to graduate with anything short of a first class, said Bamiyo. My roomie was crazy. Truth is, he wasn’t joking with these words, he meant business. Bamiyo then was in part 3 studying Geology. He applied to study Medicine but Uniben change am for my guy. He once challenged Mikel who was in the same level as him but in Ecostat. Mikel was offended by Bamiyo’s constant jocular derogatory remarks about his course. A course Mikel and Monday believed was the best in Uniben. A course people could do anything to study because at that time, Uniben was the only uni offering Economics and Statistics as double majors in the country. A course according to Monday my other roommate studying the course bragged that Economics was the only course you can find in four different faculties in Uniben. Ecostat in Social Sciences, Ecoedu in Education faculty, MathsEco in Physical Sciences and AgricEco in faculty of Agriculture. Monday argued that a course found in four different faculties is not one to be joked with. Of course, there was no other course spread in four faculties…

to be continued…

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