Trump’s ex-wife Ivana opens up, defends president


No matter how the world looks at him, Ivana Trump, President Donald Trump’s ex-wife has said that she remains good friends with the former businessman, denying claims he is at all “racist.”

Ivana, who appeared on “Good Morning Britain,” a programme hosted by Piers Morgan, was asked if she had ever heard him say anything that could “be construed as racist.”

“Is he a racist?” Morgan asked.

“I don’t think Donald’s racist at all. Sometimes he says these things which are silly or [that] he doesn’t really mean,” she said. “But he’s definitely not racist.”

When asked why the president would tweet things that are controversial, Ms. Trump, 68, quipped, “who knows.”

“He’s not going to change. I think the tweeting is not actually a bad idea.

“The press changes every word you say, and they twist it; tweets come from his mouth,” Ms. Trump said.

Regarding claims the president has been abusive or acted in an untoward manner toward women, Ms. Trump said she was “treated fantastic” when she was married to him from 1977 to 1992.

credit: NAN