What Demi Lovato Most Likely Overdosed On – Hospital Source Reveals


Initial reports that Demi Lovato overdosed on heroine has since been debunked with the pop star refusing to disclose what drug she overdosed.

According to TMZ, who carried the initial heroine report, a source close to the singer says it wasn’t heroin but would not reveal what drug caused her to OD.

Police sources have said that LAPD officers identified drug paraphernalia at her Hollywoods Hills home where she fell unconscious.

They also saw drug “remnants” strewn about her house after responding to the 911 call – but were unable to identify the drug.

Despite this, a nurse claims Demi was using crystal meth – the common name for methamphetamine – a potent central nervous system stimulant.

There’s not expected to be any criminal investigation because they did not seize any drugs and can’t determine if Demi was in possession of an illegal substance.

Also police are thought to have taken into account the fact they were responding to a request for medical assistant – and not a report of criminal activity.

Lovato had previously struggled with addiction to cocaine and the painkiller oxycodone – but had been sober for 6 years.