When I met Jane


They say your real life begins when you get admitted into college, My story  is that of a sweet-sour situation. It was joy all the way when I gained admission into Yaba college of technology, and in no time, I had packed my bags and was ready for a new life, Things got messy when I found out that I couldn’t register for the hostel form because all the rooms were occupied already for freshers so I had to squat with a friend.

Then lectures began and I was determined to start off the academic session on a very high note, Lectures were at 8am  but I was already there by 7:30 to make sure I secured a front row seat for myself so when lectures began I could fully concentrate without distraction of any sort, with that mindset I faced my books, did all the required assignments, participated in all class texts and squarely smashed the exams. In no time the results were out and I was on a 3.5/4 GPA unarguably one of the best in my department, I carried that same charisma into the next semester and excelled in that session.

Year Two came with it’s trials and tribulations, I met a girl called Jane from computer engineering department but same level as I was. She was light-skinned, beautiful, funny, intelligent, and neat, she had almost all the attributes of a goddess. We got familiar and began to share feelings and vibe and in due time, we started dating, I wasn’t focused like I was in ND 1, cases of numerous skipped classes and academic mischief started setting it all because I was carried away by “Love”.

Jane made me forget the main purpose of why I was in school and in no time I started dropping units in ND2 first semester but as things unfolded I found out she was cheating on me, I was in a state of dilemma but well I had to break up for good. Most nights I would cry to myself in the hostel, lie on the floor, starve myself in an obnoxious manner but admist the emotional travails, I bounced back and made up for my mistakes in the new semester and in due time my efforts paid off in educational ramifications as I graduated with an Upper credit.


Okolo Samuel schooled at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos