Why Your Relationships Are Not Working

Stanley Bentley


Let me tell you guys something. Do you know why some people step out and trash talk marriage? OK! You dunno, I will tell you. They were in a failed relationship, which made them bitter and stupid. So they resort to talking nonsense. Now listen! Most people jump into Relationships expecting their spouse to invent bliss. Expecting the other person to make them happy and sweep them off their feet. Husai! Greedy expectations! To succeed in relationship, you must, underline the word MUST, you must be selfless. You must think and act beyond self.

Always focus your thoughts and direct your actions on making your spouse happy. If both parties can do this, then we have a successful union. But no! They won’t do it. They only focus on what the other person is and is not. They compare their relationship to that of Their friends, their neighbors, even their parents. Senseless comparison! Relationships are unique. Enjoy the highs and overlook the lows. Your partner is human. Failures will come. Mistakes will occur. Fuckups go dey. Fun too go dey. E no fit bad everyday. When those Failures come, you must look for success. When you fight you must settle. If something is not working, you must find strategies that work. If both of you are determined to make it work, dey no born devil well, e must work.

However, if one person is selfish and greedy You must count your losses and move on. You don’t go and start talking bad about marriage or relationship. Your spouse was bad not marriage or relationship. You will find someone better. Someone with conscience.

Think about this! Many of you fail exams, do you go and start Saying this professional exam is not good. I won’t write again? Of course you don’t. You keep writing until you pass. Many of us, attended countless interviews before getting jobs. Some didn’t get jobs, they started business. When the said interviews were not successful, did you Start condemning money or being employed? No you didn’t! You kept on because you must make ends meet. Some women got pregnant and had miscarriages, that hurts, doesn’t it? Did they stop having sex? Ifa hear! Some contracted STIs, did they stop having sex? Story for the gods! Straffing continued. The show must go on. What point am I making? Just like other aspects of life, marriage or relationship have their cons, what makes the difference is your attitude towards it. If you attend many interviews before landing a job while will you give up because

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One man or woman disappointed you? You can date more than one or two persons before meeting the right spouse. You can get married more than once before marrying the right spouse. This is life. You don’t make the rules. However, if you feel you are not the type to try many a time, then no problem. Not everyone will succeed in everything. Not everything you try will work. Its normal. But don’t use your reggae to spoil another person’s blues. That your marriage didn’t work doesn’t make marriage bad. That your relationship failed doesn’t make Relationship bad. That you see marriages that are failing doesn’t make marriage bad. Why are you not seeing the ones that are succeeding? Mindset I guess! Keep a positive mindset. It takes work, lots of work to make marriages and relationship work. And both parties must work the Work. As you strive to succeed in your career, you must strive to succeed also in your marriage/relationship. Don’t sit back and expect a miracle. Don’t fold your arms and expect your relationship to understand, then when it crashes you begin to spew gibberish.

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