When will Mia Khalifa fulfill her promise?


During the intense presidential campaign that led to Donald Trump finally being elected as the President, the voters were given a number of offers, none of which anyone could refuse. The offers began to roll out when Madonna, a hardcore Clinton supporter, said that she would give every Clinton voter blowjob.

In response, Mia Khalifa, one of the most well-known ex-adult movie stars said that she would do the same for every Trump voter. And now that Trump has become the President, people have started to wonder whether or not Mia will do justice to her promise.

A response to Madonna’s offer!

A response to Madonna's offer!

Madonna, a huge Clinton supporter had said before Mia that she would give every Clinton voter a BJ.

It was an act of war.

It was an act of war.

Mia took it upon herself to strike back and so made a similar offer to the public like Madonna’s. She did so because she didn’t want people voting for a ‘criminal’. In fact, she even criticized Madonna for giving orals in exchange for voting a criminal.

Trump has been sworn in and almost approaching a year in office. Fans and supporters of Trump want to know when their darling Lebanese American beauty would keep to her words.

Mia guys are waiting. And even the ladies too.

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