by Patrick Agunwa

I saw the news talking about my country
I put my head down, because I could feel the tears coming
I asked myself, why? What can I do to change this?
Ideas rush in, but am I willing to face it?
Some can’t be bought, while most are taken
We’ve been beating so low, that anything is called a blessing
It seems like our leaders can’t clean up their messes
They’ve reached the age of dormant, no more strength in their limbs
Its time to stand up and bandage our wounds
Our country needs us, we the Nigerian youths
Its that time again, where revolution is key
Fighting against all odds, to quench this fire that kills
It won’t be easy, I know, it has been burning for years
But we can do it, I know, we’ve survived it for years
I’m lifting my face up and I’m wiping my tears
My country needs me and I won’t let her down, I swear
Will you?
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